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Portable Platypus (Platypus Albertacus)
29"W x 19"H x 5"D
Found this little guy whilst out walking the dog many years ago in a Calgary alley.
He was lying limp & forlorn in a puddle of frozen mud. We took him home & cleaned him
up, and since then he has lived in the workshop eating spiders & playing in the sawdust.

The display case was made from plywood offcuts, old house wrap and steel packing
straps.The inside was lined with old guitar string packets & stained with tea.
The white frame and glass were cut down from a Thrift Shop find. All metal fittings
fabricated from steel sheet harvested from an old computer frame. Perforated steel off an
old internet router. Fireside brushes and top handle also Thrift Shop finds.

The whole thing was left out on the roof several times to weather & rust naturally.
Building the case.

Covering with the old house wrap.

Marking out the frame brackets.

Doming the perf steel sheet.

Miling a side plate.

Side plate test fit.

A before and after rusting on various fabricated components.

fabricating nameplete surrounds by milling and hand filing.

Brackets for holding the brushes.